Testimonies For HurriClean AutoMatic Toilet Cleaner

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The Automatic Toilet Cleaner by HurriClean has taken by storm with only 2 months on the market and being the Top Rated New Bathroom Cleaner on  Below are the key benefits which have made HurriClean so successful:

  • Cleans Dirty Toilet Tank Overnight
  • No Brushing and No Scrubbing
  • Chlorine and Bleach Free
  • Septic Safe – Phosphate Free
  • Will Not Harm Parts Inside Toilet
  • Uses A Natural Blend Which Contains Real Fruit Acids

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How To Clean Out A Dirty Toilet Tank

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How Do You Clean Out Your Dirty Toilet Tank?

We’ve been asked this question countless times at our local plumbing shop by our customers.  After searching for a product at hardware trade shows we began making a solution at our shop.  After a couple years of testing with our customers and receiving fantastic results we came out with HurriClean Automatic Toilet Cleaner.  The goal was to make a product that was septic safe and didn’t harm the rubbers and plastics inside the toilet tank – we did just that.


Toilet Tank Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Pour a packet in your toilet tank before bed and watch the cyclonic foaming action go to work
  2. Flush the toilet in the morning
  3. Thats it!

Use 1 packet per month and not only will your toilet be clean as new but the will stay clean allowing a full flush every time.  No Chlorine, No Bleach, Septic Safe.

HurriClean Toilet Cleaner Ranked #1 Selling Bathroom Cleaning Product On

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HurriClean Automatic Toilet Cleaner tops the  list of the hottest selling products on!    ‘Pull and Pour…Nothing More’ says it all.  Pour a pouch of the cleaner in your toilet tank before bed and flush in the morning – Thats it! The cyclonic cleaning action requires No brushing and  No Scrubbing! #1 Selling Bathroom Cleaner on Amazon   Among the list of items ranked in the top fifteen are mega brands such as:

  • Tilex
  • Scrubbing Bubbles
  • Lysol
  • Seventh Generation
  • Clorox
  • Soft Scrub
  • Rid Ex
  • Duet

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HurriClean Takes Care Of Stains In Toilet Tank

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The Courier in Houston, Texas wrote a great article chronicling HurriClean and how well it removes stains in a toilet tank.

If your tank is not stained with mold and mildew or stained from minerals in the water and rust, this article is not for you. But if you have been frustrated with a dirty tank, Hurri Clean is definitely made for you. Hurri Clean comes packaged three bags to a box. I used one in an old toilet, and left it in for about six hours. It immediately started working. And it’s safe! Hurri Clean is made of real fruit acids and washing sodas. Hurri Clean started foaming as soon as it hit the water and six hours later, I had a white clean toilet tank. If you hate seeing stains in your tank, which leaves stains in the bowl, Hurri Clean is the answer. Hurri Clean retails for $5.99 and has three packets to each package. -The Courier Houston, Texas.

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Johnnie Chuoke ‘The Happy HandyMan’ Raves About HurriClean

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Johnnie Chuoke ‘The Happy Handyman’ is raving about the HurriClean Toilet Cleaner.  After testing the product in his own dirty toilet tank, Johnnie wrote and article recapping his findings and the results were phenomenal.  Here’s what Johnnie had to say about the toilet tank cleaner:

can’t tell you how long I have wanted a product like Hurri Clean. I searched hardware shows, asked vendor after vendor, looked through every hardware magazine and I never could find a product safe enough to put in the tank of a toilet.  You can’t just put anything in the tank because of the flapper. The flapper is rubber and anything that has bleach will disintegrate the flapper. And then you get a toilet that will flush when it’s not supposed to.”

After less than a week, Johnnie is restocking after running through his initial inventory.

Using HurriClean once per month will not only make your toilet tank clean as new but it will keep the jet stream clean and allow for a full flush.

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