Cleans Overnight

Cleans Jet Stream

Improves Flush

Septic Safe

Phosphate Free

Safe on Parts

PULL & POUR … Nothing More!

Cleans Toilet and Jet Stream for a Like-New Flush!

Removes Deposits and Odors as Easy as 1, 2, 3!


Hard water marks on dishes

Poor appliance drainage

Odors and smells in appliances

Hard water and minerals from the jet stream

What real people are saying about

"It’s hard to believe that a cleaning product can do so much with such little effort."

− Wendi – Manhattan Beach, CA

"Nothing seemed to work on my toilet tank until I used HurriClean. The best part…I didn’t have to do any work!"

− John - Boston, MA

"You pour it in and there it is – its automatic! "

− Don and Marcia - St. Paul, MN

"Marvelous! I would recommend this product to anyone who owns a home! Love it Love it Love it!"

− Debby - Durham, NH

"Our dishwasher was leaving spots on all of the glasses. It was embarrassing. HurriClean made the dishwasher work like it was new again!"

− Eric – Urbandale, IA

How do I clean my toilet tank? Why doesn’t the toilet flush well? Why are there spots on my dishes? My garbage disposal and laundry machine stink! “As a 4th Generation Plumber, we’ve heard these comments and questions time and time again at our family shop. We’ve been refining and using our blend for years in order to give our customers a products that works!”

HurriClean Automatic Toilet Cleaner

The HurriClean Automatic Toilet Cleaner eliminates mold, bacteria, rust, and hard water deposits overnight. Fragrance free and scrub free, HurriClean uses natural ingredients which automatically clean on contact. Apply the Automatic Tank Cleaner once a month and not only will you eliminate a dirty toilet from its source, but your toilet will flush better!

When flushed, the cyclonic formula works its way through the jet stream and removes the hard water deposits which are slowing down the water. After time, hard water plugs the jet steam and slows down the flushing power of a toilet. When used regularly, HurriClean Automatic Toilet Cleaner will completely clear the jet stream, allowing for a complete, clean, and healthy flush – Every Time!

HurriClean Automatic Appliance Cleaner

The HurriClean Prime Automatic Appliance Cleaner eliminates odors and hard water deposits from dishwashers, garbage disposals, and laundry machines. HurriClean’s cyclonic triple action formula works its way through the piping and jets clearing way for a powerful cleaning. After time, pipes within washing machines and laundry machines begin to plug with hard water and mineral deposits. This blockage will decrease the cleaning power and cause a not-so perfect result. Only 1 use per month and no more embarrassing streaks on your dishes or sluggish washing machines!

Does your garbage disposal smell? Use HurriClean Prime and allow the triple action foaming to work its way through the grinding chamber. Over time, the grinding chamber fills with particles that begin to smell. HurriClean prime will break free the smelly deposits automatically!