How To Clean Out A Dirty Toilet Tank

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How Do You Clean Out Your Dirty Toilet Tank?

We’ve been asked this question countless times at our local plumbing shop by our customers.  After searching for a product at hardware trade shows we began making a solution at our shop.  After a couple years of testing with our customers and receiving fantastic results we came out with HurriClean Automatic Toilet Cleaner.  The goal was to make a product that was septic safe and didn’t harm the rubbers and plastics inside the toilet tank – we did just that.


Toilet Tank Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Pour a packet in your toilet tank before bed and watch the cyclonic foaming action go to work
  2. Flush the toilet in the morning
  3. Thats it!

Use 1 packet per month and not only will your toilet be clean as new but the will stay clean allowing a full flush every time.  No Chlorine, No Bleach, Septic Safe.